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Render Target system

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Hi community

i put this in


client get this error

uiGameOption.py(line:98) __Load_BindObject
ui.py(line:2704) GetChild
OptionDialog.__Load_BindObject - <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:'RenderTarget_on_off'


write the error to this


                    "name" : "RenderTarget_on_off",
                    "type" : "text",
                    "x" : LINE_LABEL_X,
                    "y" : 260+2,
                    "text" : "Render Target",
                    "name" : "RenderTarget_on_off",
                    "type" : "toggle_button",
                    "x" : LINE_DATA_X,
                    "y" : 265,
                    "text" : "ON / OFF",
                    "default_image" : ROOT_PATH + "middle_button_01.sub",
                    "over_image" : ROOT_PATH + "middle_button_02.sub",
                    "down_image" : ROOT_PATH + "middle_button_03.sub",


where can te error be?

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