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Creation of Metin2 Server ?



Hello everyone, 

a 3rd grade IT student here and a big fun of Metin2 (as I grew up with it) is looking for some answers. So lately I have been searching for something to do
apart from my studies and I decided I would like to work on a Metin2 Server. My idea is to get a personal server running, keep editing and making the server
as I like (no matter how much it will take), with various systems, changes, bug fixing etc and if all goes release it. Now I know this will take time but thats 
the point, as I am new to programming this will help me get a little bit deeper. So I was wondering where to start from ? I mean I have seen couple videos
on how to start a hamachi server but what I dont know is, all these changes and everything I do on hamachi, can I use them later for a public server ?
Also I am looking for good (free for now) files to start working arround.

Thanks a lot for your time !

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you dont start with hamachi cause we are in 2020 not in the the 1990s

install Winscp

install PuTTY

Install Navicat / Heidisql or whatever databaseprogram you like


local or root it doesnt matter


use any serverfiles you like "cause im german i use Fliege Rew or Martysrc"


as System everything minimum Freebsd 11.2 64bit or above

2gb RAM is Minimum SSD will be good 

4gb RAM is perfekt ssd


pkg install htop (as a better Taskmanager)

pkg install python (required for Loading Quests into your Serverfiles)

pkg install gmake (required for compiling your Serversource)

pkg install mysql-server56 (or newer) (required for running your database)


ee /etc/rc.conf


it opens up you an editor on the bottom you add:



save the whole thing 


allow under sshd_config that you can connect with an admin account


service sshd_restart


unpack your gamefile at /usr/home/ (yes you have to create the folder called home)

unpack your Databasefile for sql at /var/db/

unpack your source at /usr/home


pack your source with


cd /usr/home/Source/Server/libxxx/src && gmake -j


cd /usr/home/Source/Server/game/src && gmake -j


cd /usr/home/Source/Server/db/src && gmake -j


paste the libs for libstdc /or rename those or create a shortcut to the right one


paste the compiled game data to /usr/home/game/share and remove the old one

paste the compiled db data to /usr/home/game/db and remove the old one


use the shellscript like /usr/home/game && sh index.sh or however it called (panel start... every file has sort of namechange in it)


thats it if you have any question just ask

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