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permanent stat increase



Hi guys, could someone tell me why, using this code, I can increase the statistics of the pg but when the server is restarted they return to the basic ones?


	int pc_set_dx0(lua_State* L)
		if (!lua_isnumber(L, 1))
			return 0;

		int point = (int)lua_tonumber(L, 1);
		LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr();
		ch->SetRealPoint(POINT_DX, ch->GetRealPoint(POINT_DX) + point);
		ch->PointChange(POINT_DX, point);
		return 1;


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Here it looks to be correct. It must work permanently.

I suspect the problem would be how you are 'stopping' the db core.

The changes (e.g. ch->SetRealPoint) are not immediatly saved into the player table, the db core has a cache which is flushed (and so saved) every X seconds (Where x is a variable number).


The value X is defined here:

	m_expireTime = MIN(1800, g_iPlayerCacheFlushSeconds);


so it is a number between 0, and 1800.

By default this value of seconds is defined here :

int g_iPlayerCacheFlushSeconds = 60*7;


and it's 7 minutes (you may set it by defining it in the conf.txt by using the key PLAYER_CACHE_FLUSH_SECONDS)

Why i m explaning all about this?
Because i want to give you way to get what my theory consists.


My theory is that you are killing the db process by using killall -9 db or some other command which interrupt the db process, instead of sending a normal stop signal that gives the db time to save changes (currently cached) to the table.

My suggestion is to check how your kill script of the channels/db  is stopping them.

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