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Changing locale_string.txt problem(LC_TEXT different languages)

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I am using turkish serverfiles, which seems to use a different syntax for LC_TEXTs, I need it to be the default(as was in 2011 files), so I can put a translations I already got.


Here's an example of locale string which I have(in turkish) vs the one I need:

" %s 는 군주 후보가 아닙니다.";"


"¢¬©öA¨¬ Au¢¯¨Ï ¨¬IA©ö¥ìa¢¬©ø¢¥I¢¥U.";

(Don't know which language it is, maybe some mismatch about the charset encoding, by the way this is the Standard metin2 LC_TEXT language which I saw in many serverfiles)


I tried to change the locale name in "common.locale" but didn't work anyway;

I think it is some setting inside the source files, hope you can help me fixing this.

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