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[EN] Lost yang from offlineshop by great ...

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Hello there, i install the offlineshop by great from turkish forum and i think someone here can help me ..
I have the "last version / master" who was posted there

the system it`s work very well on my server with 1400+ online / 24 hours but sometimes he lost some data .. and that data is "yang", When somebody buy an items the seller see that yang is in the gift-box but when he try to withdraw he don`t receive. I have no syserr , no game core .. or I don't know

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On 10/19/2020 at 9:19 PM, flexio said:

i think turkmmo version have backdoor which allow get money from not owned shop. cmd_*.cpp command somethin like /get_shop_yang 5828(shop number). Check it.

I try but didn`t work .. this is all command from cmd / i try the "shop_yang id" but nothing happens.



    { "!RESERVED!",    NULL,            0,            POS_DEAD,    GM_IMPLEMENTOR    }, /* 반드시 이 것이 처음이어야 한다. */
    { "gift_refresh",    do_gift_refresh,    0,    POS_DEAD,    GM_PLAYER },
    { "gift_get", do_gift_get, 0, POS_DEAD,    GM_PLAYER },
    { "update_shop_item",            do_shop_update_item,                0,    POS_DEAD,    GM_PLAYER },
    { "refresh_shop_items",            do_shop_refresh_items,                0,    POS_DEAD,    GM_PLAYER },
    { "refresh_shop",                do_shop_refresh,                0,    POS_DEAD,    GM_PLAYER },
    { "shop_yang",                    do_shop_yang,                0,    POS_DEAD,    GM_PLAYER },
    { "shop_name",                    do_set_name_shop,                0,    POS_DEAD,    GM_PLAYER },
    { "delete_shop",                do_shop_delete,                0,    POS_DEAD,    GM_IMPLEMENTOR },
    { "update_shop",                do_shop_update,                0,    POS_DEAD,    GM_IMPLEMENTOR },


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EN: Does anyone know how to fix it? I took out the clientside function & changed /get_shop_yang in the gamesource so that no one ever gets it. However, I would prefer to fix it.


GER; Weiß jemand wie man es Fixt? Ich habe die Funktion Clientside rausgenommen &  /get_shop_yang in der gamesource so verändert das keiner jemals drauf kommt. Jedoch wäre mir es zu fixxen lieber. 


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