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Extended Equipment Viewer - WEAPON COSTUME INDEX ?



After this release: 

Everything works good until Weapon_Costume Slot starts to mess with me... I don't know it's Index Slot.

I have assigned the slot dimensions, everything is good to go until the index.


costumeequipmentdialog.py :

									"slot" : (
										{"index":11, "x":62, "y":45, "width":32, "height":64},
										{"index":12, "x":62, "y": 9, "width":32, "height":32},
										{"index":13, "x":13, "y": 126, "width":32, "height":32},
										{"index":14, "x":62, "y": 126, "width":32, "height":32},
										##{"index": , "x":13, "y": 13, "width":32, "height":96},
                                      ##slots used until now. Here i have to add the weapon costume slot number


costumewindow.py :

							"slot" : (
											{"index":COSTUME_START_INDEX+0, "x":62, "y":45, "width":32, "height":64},#¸ö
											{"index":COSTUME_START_INDEX+1, "x":62, "y": 9, "width":32, "height":32},#¸Ó¸®
											{"index":COSTUME_START_INDEX+2, "x":13, "y":126, "width":32, "height":32},#¸¶¿îÆ®
											{"index":COSTUME_START_INDEX+3, "x":62, "y":126, "width":32, "height":32},#¾Ç¼¼¼­¸®
											{"index":item.COSTUME_SLOT_WEAPON, "x":13, "y":13, "width":32, "height":96},#¹«±â


uiequipmentdialog.py :

	def RefreshSlot(self):
		equipmentDict = self.wndEquipment.itemDataDict
		for i in [11,12,13,14]: ##slots used until now. Here i have to add the weapon costume slot number
			if equipmentDict.has_key(i):
				self.wndCostumeEquipmentSlot.SetItemSlot(i, equipmentDict[i][0], equipmentDict[i][1])



Slot 15 is Belt. From 16 to 24 there is nothing (already tested those indexes) 


Hope you guys have this implemented to have an idea..

Thank you

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There are many ways on how to find out the weapon index. Without much knowledge I'd recommend you to just print out the slot index once your mouse hovers over the weapon slot index. You can easily do that in python.

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