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Aug 16 03:04:26.662825 :: InputAuth::Login : key 1200114074:0x602956e2 login test
Aug 16 03:04:27.671561 :: [QUERY : LONG INTERVAL(OverSec 0.993099)] : SELECT id,PASSWORD('123456'),password,social_id,status,availDt - NOW() > 0,UNIX_TIMESTAMP(silver_expire),UNIX_TIMESTAMP(gold_expire),UNIX_TIMESTAMP(safebox_expire),UNIX_TIMESTAMP(autoloot_expire),UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fish_mind_expire),UNIX_TIMESTAMP(marriage_fast_expire),UNIX_TIMESTAMP(money_drop_rate_expire),UNIX_TIMESTAMP(create_time) FROM account WHERE login='test'
Aug 16 03:04:27.703774 :: QID_AUTH_LOGIN: START 1200114074 0x29bd6400

This is my auth syslog.


How can i correct this one ? Best Regards..

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I had this error on a cheap and not very powerful dedicated server.

I migrated the server, it's been better since then. There may be another explanation :) 

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