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Version of Files XXX

Hey, I had a problem with the official Pet System, I fixed some bug what I can. 

So first problem is the transport box.  When I put the pet into the box then box is gone. (0 minute) I saw in the source that it give socket to time (I think )

					item2->SetForceAttribute(3, 1, item->GetAttributeValue(3));
					item2->SetForceAttribute(4, 1, item->GetAttributeValue(4));
					DWORD vnum1 = item->GetVnum()-55700;
					item2->SetSocket(0, vnum1);
					item2->SetSocket(1, item->GetSocket(1));

Second problem is

When the pet is summoned and you trade with other player your pet disappear. 


Third problem is : 
When I trying leveling pet he's not get exp except if I kill such mobs like my level.


Sorry for my English its only B1 level -?


Thanks, Sincerly,


  • Metin2 Dev 1
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