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Return to dungeon problem




I'm trying to create some new system (Illusion Highland from official servers), but it seems that the quest i'm using has a problem with rejoining the dungeon...


Here is a video showing the problem:




Note that, every time i join the dungeon, it generates a new map index, it doesn't join the one that my party member is at the moment.

Instead of joining my previous dungeon with map index "3060003" it created a new one with "3060004"


The quest i'm using    

This is the hidden content, please


I appreciate any kind of help, thank you very much!


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Haven't really took a deep look but the thing that pointed out to me is party flag that saves dungeon index is set when you talk with the NPC 20531. 

Because you warped out before starting the dungeon, party flag was not saved and you were teleported to a new instance.


I'd recommend to move this part to somewhere else like make_dungeon() function.

party.setf("dungeon_index", d.get_map_index())
d.setf("party_leader_pid", party.get_leader_pid())


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Hi, i took a look into your quest and there are multiple faults in your code. One of them and the one that is the worse is the fact that you are using timers. The problem is not that you are using timers, the problem is that you are using them wrong. Beside that you are also adding re-enter option to the dungeon, fact that has no sense. So let me be a bit more specific: If the leader of the group (or other party players) will leave/logout and they will have timers active, those timers are erased by the server, that means whenever they will re-join the dungeon those timers will be erased since there is no re-attach function for timers and that means that the dungeon can't be completed anymore since there is code that is supposed to be executed in those erased timers.

Now you might say, alright then, let's just move the whole thing on server_timers because these timers won't be erased by the server after a players leaves the instance/game. Well i would not argue in this case, i will just let you try it yourself since im not able to come with a logical explanation about what is happening if two players (group of players) are doing a dungeon in the same time. All i can tell you is that timers will merge somehow and for one instance the dungeon wont continue.

Everything i said above is helping you alot figuring out what to do in this situation. The logic behind my re-enter system is based on what i said above. I'm not that active on this forum (that means commenting ..) but i feel like people should know. Peace ?

As long as I'll be a threat for you , i will always be your target :3

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