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[Errors]SV files



Hi, I'm new to this forum but i did see some stuff, that i realy can't understand.

I have some erros and someone told me you are the best.

If this errors are solved please make a forum side, Solved Problems.

So that new people come and search the Solved Much easyer.

This is the first:1


UseItemEx: Item type NONE third hand //Its this item oj41ti.png



CalcMeleeDamage: CalcMeleeDamage should not handle bows


locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "¹«±â¿Í °©¿Ê¿¡¸¸ »ç¿ë °¡´ÉÇÕ´Ï´Ù.";





Select: wrong QUEST_SELECT request! : 5791150



DoRefineWithScroll: REFINE : Unknown refine scroll item. Value0: 1

If i resolve the erros, i will edit the topic with the resolve.

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Open your locale_string.txt and add this:

"¹«±â¿Í °©¿Ê¿¡¸¸ »ç¿ë °¡´ÉÇÕ´Ï´Ù.";
"Blablabla ";


at least you could have translate it -- just kiding

any way thanks at least when i get this error i wont have problems with it

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