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Text File Loader + JSON


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Hello cowboys, since i was at job and i was bored while coding in other languages, i thought would be funny if i code something in Python, so an idea came in mind, doing a general text file loader for parsing different data, with different structs, normal variables, groups and lists, like ymir idea for parsing the files (.mse, .msa, .msm, .txt like mob_drop_item.txt, group.txt, etc)

This tool can be used everywhere, for metin2 or else, i wrote this from scratch using ymir idea, also you can run it in any version of Python.
If you use this for metin2, change USING_METIN2_CLIENT to True.


ANDROID_LINK	http://www.antutu.com/en/ranking/rank1.htm
IOS_LINK		http://www.antutu.com/en/ranking/ios1.htm
DOWNLOAD_LINK	http://www.antutu.com/en/download.htm

Group Antutu_Benchmark_Android
	LAST_UPDATED	"September 2019"

	Group Device00
		NAME				"ROG Phone 2"
		CPU					127580
		UX					81187
		3D					173673
		TOTAL_SCORE			396200
	Group Device01
		NAME				"Asus ZenFone 6 2019"
		CPU					115926
		UX					72764
		3D					175221
		TOTAL_SCORE			377199
	Group Device02
		NAME				"OnePlus 7 Pro"
		CPU					122874
		UX					77862
		3D					157802
		TOTAL_SCORE			373097


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Full source repository:


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