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How to remove 's from dropped item name?

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Hey guys,

can someone tell me how to remove 's from dropped item on the ground?


Btw. Userinterface\PythonTextTail.cpp
void CPythonTextTail::SetItemTextTailOwner(DWORD dwVID, const char * c_szName)

static const string & strOwnership = ApplicationStringTable_GetString(IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE) == "" ? "'s" : ApplicationStringTable_GetString(IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE);


Thanks for answers!



I'll be always helpful! 👊 

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Expression 1 =  ApplicationStringTable_GetString(IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE) == ""

Expression 2 = "'s"

Expression 3 = ApplicationStringTable_GetString(IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE)


So you can just leave it with ApplicationStringTable_GetString(IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE):

static const string & strOwnership = ApplicationStringTable_GetString(IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE);


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