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Wrong level after add new pet system



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18 hours ago, vandragoon said:

Hi.. i need a little help.. after add pet system, it show me this


In this section the rule for asking a question is :


State your problem as clearly as possible, include all related logs and error messages, and make sure you have searched in the forum and/or Google for an answer before opening a post.

The part your missing her is "clearly as possible" because i cant really help you with the problem if u just splash the question like that.

What i can see is that you implemented wrong the system, I hope u made a backup before implementing the pet system in your game source+ client source.

Try to redo it by not rushing the steps.Do it slow with thinking and logic.

Maybe you replaced a wrong function at Player level in client side.

Does this level that you showing us is even in player table from server db?

Do you get any errors while running the client release/debug mode?

I`m not here to judge you but try more when asking a question because at the end is for your good not mine.

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i dont get any error so i really dont know where i can find problem

isnt problem here somewhere??

	string temp_exp_line;
	char szExpTable[256];
	snprintf(szExpTable, sizeof(szExpTable), "%s/exp.txt", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str());
	ifstream exp_table_open(szExpTable);
	if (!exp_table_open.is_open()) {
		fprintf(stderr, "Failed to Load ExpTable from %s/exp.txt\n", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str());
		sys_err("Failed to Load ExpTable from %s/exp.txt", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str());
		return 0;
	int exp_table_counter = 0;
	while (!exp_table_open.eof())
		exp_table_open >> temp_exp_line;
		str_to_number(exp_table_common[exp_table_counter], temp_exp_line.c_str());
	fprintf(stderr, "EXP erfolgreich geladen von: %s\n", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str());
	//sys_log(0, "EXP Table Loaded succsefully from %s", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str());
 	temp_exp_line = ""; //clearing
	std::ifstream exppet_table_open("/usr/home/game/share/exppettable.txt");
	/*if (!exp_table_open.is_open())
	return 0;*/

	int exppet_table_counter = 0;
	int tmppet_exp = 0;
	while (!exppet_table_open.eof())
		exppet_table_open >> temp_exp_line;
		str_to_number(exppet_table_common[exppet_table_counter], temp_exp_line.c_str());
		if (exppet_table_common[exppet_table_counter] < 2147483647) {
			sys_log(0, "Livelli Pet caricati da exppettable.txt: %d !", exppet_table_common[exppet_table_counter]);
		else {
			fprintf(stderr, "[main] Impossibile caricare la tabella exp valore non valido\n");


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