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[Problem]Map spawn mobs

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Hello metin2dev,

I would your help about a problem which i have on some new maps , they have problem about mob's spawn. you can understand it better on below video.

I can spawn NPC with out problem.

1)I have try to remake server_attr, remake & remove block,pvp,water.. but nothing

2)i take metin2_map_devilcatacomb and make copy of this map with different x , y(i try 3-4 different x , y) with not effect too.

I have add new maps which works fine i don't know where is the problem i don't know if it's from map or source..( i have this problem with 2-3 maps which i try to add)





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It's an old topic!

Anyway, the problem is the server_attr, normal mobs will not spawn in unreachable places. But you can spawn NPCs.


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