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coins per mob oder metin kill




ich komm einfach nicht mehr weiter. Bitte helft mir.
das Problem ist ich will nur das der player coins bekommt wenn er z.b. irgendein metin kill sagen wir mal 2 coins als belohnung bekommt
oder halt ween er einen Boss killt z.b. 1093. 


quest coins_for_kill begin 
    state start begin  
        when kill begin 
        local metin = { 
            [8024] = {30}, -- 1. Vnum des Metin 2. Anzahl der Coins 
            [8025] = {20} 
            if npc.get_race() == metin[pc.get_mob_vnum] then
                mysql_query("UPDATE account.account SET coins = coins + "..metin[pc.get_mob_vnum][2].." WHERE id = "..pc.get_account_id()..";") 


aber leider funzt die obere quest nicht keine Fehler bei ./qc aber auch keine coins auf dem Konto.



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quest coins_for_kill begin 
    state start begin  
        when kill begin 
			local mobVnum = npc.get_race()
			local mobCoins = ({
				[8024] = 30, -- 30 Coins
				[8025] = 20 -- 20 Coins
			if not mobCoins then

			pc.charge_cash(mobCoins, "coins_for_kill")
			syschat(string.format("You get %d coins from %s.", mobCoins, mob_name(mobVnum)))

This is correctly quest rewrited.

Already ymir did the function for lua to charge the coins via pc.charge_cash, but not all people was used because name of row is called: "cash" and they are used on website/itemshop etc row "coins", but can change very easy.

Go in /src/db/ClientManager.cpp

sprintf(szQuery, "update account set `cash` = `cash` + %d where id = %d limit 1", packet->dwAmount, packet->dwAID);

Replace `cash` = `cash` with `coins` = `coins`

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