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[Found] A little exploit



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This is not "exploit", already exist more things like this on communication with packets clientside-serverside, some mistakes from ymir to check something.

But make a small check for arguments what was sended, and "exploit" is fixed in 3 lines.

std::string str = argument before sended
	#define MAX_LEN 50
	unsigned size;
	// Choice method to calculation size
	size = str.size();
	size = str.length();
	size = strlen(str.c_str());
	// Method 1
	if (size > MAX_LEN)
		return false;

	// Method 2
	if (size > MAX_LEN)
		ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "std::string str = %s", str.c_str());


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17 minutes ago, Kirosachi said:

So what is so hard to fix? make a timer global from server and not give permission to do something when current timer is < then global timer. 

Also people was used this net.SendGuildPostCommentPacket in OnUpdate for illumina, because not was make good refresh.

WTF is wrong with you ?

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Damn, what is wrong? I give solutions for people, and i'm wrong?

I was want to say: "You, they, them find this "exploit" with illumina.", a lot a people what have illumina have this function in onupdate :D.

I know, is not related with topic, but from where they find this.

I was want to say "this is not exploit", and need to change name title, you create confusion ugly for owner's.

Exist a lot a things like this if you run on onupdate functions what sended packet, so this informations is not new. ^^

#english #shit

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