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6/7 Bonus, Equip bonus change/limittype8 or 9




someone know about the old change-bug with 1-5 bonus by equip-item

i already fix 1-5 bonus, but how can i fix 6/7 bonus adder/changer? with this fix is 6/7 not fixed.

thank you. :)


question2: limittype8 or 9 (i dont know anymore) give the item a time-value. the time is running only when the item is equip like EXP-Ring, thieves gloves, costume, costume-mount, dragon-soul etc.

how can i add the limittype8 function for items like pet/mounts = (type18/questitem)?

question3: Zauber_aufheben.png how can i add +-10 lvl for the skill-function. example: sura lvl 15 cannot debuff a user with lvl 100


thank you very much. :)

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Search in char_item.cpp

case 71052 and in this function find:


if (item2->IsExchanging() == true)
                                        return false;


Add bellow


        if (item2->IsEquipped() == true)
                                        return false;

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