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  1. I think you added an attr wrong in length.h and constants.cpp
  2. In ui.py you dont have HideCorners function in class InfoBoard
  3. To create mob_proto client what have you used?
  4. Can you explin the problem ? When happend this?
  5. Try to use dump_proto with txt protos to create item_proto client
  6. I think its from instancebase or update player packet.
  7. Add upload folder in main client folder.
  8. Protect files from pack, add protection for inject and py load and fix client and server version.
  9. I think its from shaman model bone or fan pivot
  10. Your proccesor its amd? DirectX 9 dont work very well on amd and this cant be fixed i think
  11. Needmoney missing from py in uiscript i think

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