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View "Remaining" on an item

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Hello OG

Here I am trying to locate another item is to display "Remaining: 500" to use such an item 500x
I saw that this was possible on some item:
Compass for Metin // id 27989
Compass for Metin // id 76006
Thor ring //  id 50004

hese items on its displays the remaining number
so I can watch a how it was done on his key proto.txt python c ++ in my opinion
all first giving a VNUM I took the item: 40003
I change
40003 토르 의 반지 ITEM_QUEST NONE NONE NONE 0 NONE 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 LIMIT_NONE LIMIT_NONE APPLY_NONE 0 0 0 APPLY_NONE APPLY_NONE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

then in the python client files I watch and would be in the uitooltip.py
I can look for and as such an item of quest I put them in there
elif item.ITEM_TYPE_QUEST == itemType:
40003 == if itemVnum:
if 0 = metinSlot!:
UseCount = int (metinSlot [0])

self.AppendSpace (5)
self.AppendTextLine (localeInfo.TOOLTIP_REST_USABLE_COUNT% (500 - UseCount) self.NORMAL_COLOR)

its shows well the remaining number "Remaining: 500" but its not count
these so that I come to you by the I dry

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