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I have 3 problems ! (Shop Offline, Sash, Search Shop)

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I am writing to you about 3 problems that I encounter now..

1) Shop Offline



I can creat shop offline, but when i click on offline shop : SHOP DESTROYED !!!


I look log mysql !:


I note that cases have failed because there is owner_id '0' so it tries to destroy the offline shop, but failed because there too the DELETE query contains 0 to ownder_id.
We can notice that above by against owner_id is well positioned to 1.

So I go to the sources trying to find the queries !: I search for exemple "SELECT sign FROM player.offline_shop_npc WHERE owner_id = 0" :


I have find the query, error is : npc-GetOfflineShopRealOwner get Owner_id "0".

Can you help me ?

Thx !


2) Sash System


Hey !

I have installed Sash System, 100% Work, exept 1 problem :


Icon for Mount and Sash not prosent, can you explan me the problem ?



3) Search Shop


I Have installed Search shop : https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/11376-private-shop-search-system/&page=1

but, when search item, channel crash !


I have tested solution for fix : https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/11376-private-shop-search-system/&do=findComment&comment=66912

Don't work for me haha.

Can you help me ?

So, thx for your help !

skype : -EDIT-



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