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NPC shop prices (HELP!)

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Hello and thanks for visiting :)

I'm new to creating Metin 2 servers and this is my first attempt at doing so, I have a small problem regarding prices in npc shops. Items like 1-4 bonuses, blessing marble, wind shoes etc. are priced at "0 yang" which makes them impossible to buy as value of an item in store cannot be "0" also whenever i change price of the items in Item_Proto via MySQL the changes are not saved even upon server restart.... 

All i'd like to know is how do i change prices of items like 1-4 bonuses, dragon blessings and other items which are in items shop on global servers. 


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53 minutes ago, iltizio said:

I think your server load item_proto.txt

Go on your db directory (for example /usr/home/game/db/) and edit item_proto.txt file. It's a csv with tab as separator. Open it with excel end edit the correct column, then restart the game server.


Thanks a lot, indeed my DB was using Item_proto.txt :)

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