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[ Dead Download Link ] [HowTo] Use Optimizer Textures to optimize and compress your Textures [ We Need You ]


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Hey dear community.

Today I'm gonna show you how to use a programm called Optimizer Textures, which has a very good dds compression. It will reduce the size of files with nearly 0 quality loss. Example: 12801-2-1340134652.jpg

First of all you need to download the programm:

https://mega.co.nz/#!8dMUkJSI!LqntRXE19J_xjQkwg0ve5lvV-NQ23lBB6YP0FJ-W3no   or   http://www.4shared.com/rar/iCbUu1Mnce/Optimizer_Texures_083-12801-0-.html

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Next up you need to unpack your whole client. Then run the Ordenador.exe included in the Winrar Archive.

In the window that opens now click the folder icon and select the pack folder of your client.

Keep everything else as it is but deactivate "Delete unnecessary files" if you experience any problems try deactivating mipmaps. Optinally you can activate "Resize Patterns" and "Resize down"

Important: Unless you are unchecking it under the More/Extras tab an automatic created backup will be made under C:/Texture Backup.

It should look similiar to this:



Now hit the start button of the programm.

You will see a lot of errors becaus of the tga's and .mse etc but the dds files will be optimized.

The process window should look like this:



In the image above you can see that some tetxures actually got bigger because the were automaticlly improved by the programm. However this can also be turned off in the options.

The overall process will take some time since Metin2 has a lot of files.

It will make the files between 2 and 8 times smaller with out a visible quality loss.

For me it took ~ 35 minutes.

I got an Pop up error message near the end which told me that a files is missing. I had to manually create the file by just naming a file to that and then had to restart the process but dont worry it will be faster now since it will only check but the textures are already to a certain point optimized so it will be alot faster then the first time. If that doesnt work make a new folder but only with the files that are coming after the error file and manually add them later and overwrite the existing ones.

If you want to optimize new textures that you added after running this process just put them in an own folder and select that in the programm. It will then optimize that folder and after that you can add these textures to your client.

DISCLAIMER: I havent tested if it works Ingame with out errors and issues. I know thats stupid but I dont have a server running currently so thats why. if you experience a problem of any kind report it here so we can check/uncheck options to work with metin2 correctly. Normaly nothing should happen since only the .dds textures are getting changed but because adding mapmaps and stuff there could be a possible problem since the programm was initally designed to be used for Skyrim. All Credits for the programm go to: apipino http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/1522687/?

After optimizing the textures pack your client and there you go.

After all that here are the results:

Unpacked 2,21 -> 1,97 GB

Packed 1,37 -> 1,20 GB

It's actually not that much but it is for free so take it ;D

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It brings any disadventage or work fine to the client?





There souldn't be any problem. If you are experiencing problems try running the same process but uncheck the mipmaps.

But like I said it is only changing textures so it should be completly safe to use.

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this program convert automatic the images .tga to .dds , can disable?


This shouldnt happen. Try disabling the "Delete unnessecary Files" before starting the process. It propably is detecting them wrong.

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  • Moon

icons must be .tga (small) or .dds (bigger)

Maybe u converted icons from tga to dds.

Don't change a type of textures, otherwise u will need to change path to each of them in txt, py, sub or gr2 files in ur client.

Don't touch ymirs textures....

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On 23.02.2017 at 4:14 PM, pewi said:

icons must be .tga (small) or .dds (bigger)

Maybe u converted icons from tga to dds.

Don't change a type of textures, otherwise u will need to change path to each of them in txt, py, sub or gr2 files in ur client.

Don't touch ymirs textures....

It will not work if I can not touch Ymir's files. My goal was to reduce the size of the game.

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