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[Vanilla project cores]Wrong Username Or Password :(



Hi guys,

I've just setupped my vps with vanilla project cores but I'm getting this annoying error "Wrong username or password" when I try to login.

I removed the line from the config files "SERVER_KEY" but I didn't solve the problem.


Any suggestion? Obviously the username and password are right ;)


Thanks in advance.

Have a nice day!

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Maybe you just made a small mistake with setting up the server and your client is just configured to only print out this error (there are a few ones where you'd only receive a "wrong username and password"-error). Also check if your account information is stored correctly, maybe your registration script messed up something.

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auth, CONFIG:


PLAYER_SQL should actually point to account db

Shogun you have all my respect and appreciation.

Thanks for your assistance ;)


PS: Eterhost is great!

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