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You looking for new server i´ll invite you to play Crytekmt2.es


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We have:
* Map of heads ( chests out armor, weapons and stones +9) .
* Prestige System : You can also call system reset, when you get to level 255 takes you back to level 1 and get some bonus points for managing your pj for each reset unlock more bonus anger .
* System bonus : This is the best part of the pvp server , since you will not have to spend hours looking perfect because we have exact dopes dopes . This works with an item that adds the dope you want. Example 15 % of place you want a sword armor, just go shopping in our shop and you put it to the only thing you need is to get dope media and skill.
* Kill ranking system .
* System Message Offline: With this you can Connect with your friends but this does not find you online , and serves to communicate with players with items for sale in the market to get better pricing, among other functions you can perform with the .
* System Bank: This bank is the yang to enter infinity can also money transfers , you can assign a password to enter the bank and also buy items on the market without having to be in contact with the owner of the item .
* Market System : The market system is very practical and you can trade your items 24 hours a day without this present , just place the item you want to sell and make the sale automatically yang is not entered into your bank account. (very good to avoid scams trades )
* System Frame: The frames are called with a stamp which is 30 hours of use, are available in the map metines metines .
* Daily Points Events (you can redeem for Items on the altar or also for coins and so buy Items in Item Shop ) .
* Events OX several times a day .
* Tanakas Event : At this event the winner is to perform as many tanakas murder in less time , the event runs automatic way .
* Event Total War : Win the last one standing after all the others lost their lives.
* Maps Obtimizados for levee and block level so do not enter the highest kill you while leveas .
* Level maximum is 255 and 250 status .
* Rates of 500 % from Monday to Thursday and 1000 Friday, Saturday & Sunday .
* Hunger System : This system gives you certain bonuses in the pj, but beware that if your hunger grows these iran be decreasing negative pole .
* Pet System : These pets up to level up and as they gain skill points which you put a manager in its abilities, these bonuses affect your character while the pet is summoned. A pet him you can also assign name, also has a system of happiness which affects the pet if the pet 's happiness is low its ability decrease.
* System Kills at War Guild : This system is very practical to know who are the strongest during wars, where they earn points for every death that pj then the opposing team. Also affects death row if made ​​several double counted as kills . Triple kills . Ultra Kills, etc ... This is also reflected in the ranking of the
Here you can see the videos of server..... 
Our facebook ----- https://www.facebook.com/Mt2crytek-----
Our website-------- http://www.crytekmt2.es/ ----------
What you waiting for let`s play it......................  
I`ll waiting for you 
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