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pls help - can´t connect to server



Hi folks,

I have the following problem:

Installed Server, MySQL installed, libs, serverinfo.py changed  etc.

I use a FreeBSD Server 10.1 (64bit)

All of the compounds of MySQL Putty and Filezilla works perfect. But only when I will logg in, it say´s "Failed to connect".

Can someone help me pls ?.

(Files 40k of ViruzDev 1.0.2 & Client "Test Client 40250)


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give us the syserr of db / auth / game


Here is it :

SYSERR: Feb 14 02:25:28 :: pid_init: 
Start of pid: 1446

SYSERR: Feb 14 02:25:28 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Out of range value for column 'time' at row 1 (query: INSERT INTO bootlog (time, hostname, channel) VALUES(NOW(), 'Auth', 1) errno: 1264)
SYSERR: Feb 14 02:25:29 :: main: Failed to Load ClientPackageCryptInfo File(package/)
SYSERR: Feb 14 02:26:23 :: hupsig: SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGTERM signal has been received. shutting down.
SYSERR: Feb 14 02:26:23 :: pid_deinit: 
End of pid

SYSERR: Feb 14 02:32:11 :: pid_init: 
Start of pid: 1262

SYSERR: Feb 14 02:32:12 :: main: Failed to Load ClientPackageCryptInfo File(package/)

best regards

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1) "time" column from db "log", table "bootlog" is defined as 'int' and somehow that query is sending date as a bigger value than an 'int' can take so try change it's type to "bigint" or, why not, to 'datetime'


2) "main: Failed to Load ClientPackageCryptInfo File(package/)"

--- you didn't create symlinks for folder "package"


--- if you did, delete(or change) "package" folder contents, bcs those files may not be compatible with your servers

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