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[Help]changing item_proto to another



Good afternoon 

I'm using a version r34 files, so whenever I go to the locale (in this case client uses German) and change the item_proto to another, the client opens up will choose character but falls when entering the game. I tried to change the other files in txt and the client opens, normaly.

Someone who can give me help? or give a hint? 



Sorry my bad english

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 0913 23:04:09927 :: CPythonItem::LoadItemTable: invalid item_proto[locale/de/item_proto] STRIDE[156] != sizeof(SItemTable)

0913 23:04:09928 :: LoadLocaleData - LoadItemProto(locale/de/item_proto) Error
0913 23:04:17428 :: CMapOutdoor::Load - LoadMonsterAreaInfo ERROR
0913 23:04:19156 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=13, itemIndex=50822) - Failed to item data
0913 23:04:19157 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=12, itemIndex=50823) - Failed to item data
0913 23:04:19157 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=10, itemIndex=50825) - Failed to item data
0913 23:04:19157 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=11, itemIndex=50824) - Failed to item data
0913 23:04:19157 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=14, itemIndex=50821) - Failed to item data
0913 23:04:19157 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=15, itemIndex=50826) - Failed to item data
0913 23:04:28667 :: 
game.py(line:220) Open
game.py(line:611) StartGame
game.py(line:754) RefreshCharacter
interfaceModule.py(line:516) RefreshCharacter
uiCharacter.py(line:1111) RefreshCharacter
uiCharacter.py(line:1156) __SetSkillSlotData
uiCharacter.py(line:853) RefreshSkill
uiCharacter.py(line:828) __RefreshSkillPage
GameWindow.Open - exceptions.RuntimeError:skill.GetSkillType - Failed to find skill by 1
0913 23:04:28667 :: ============================================================================================================
0913 23:04:28667 :: Abort!!!!
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