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Ancient2 - Oldschool server.

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Server start 01.12.2020 at 18:00 EEST.

This server is pvm hard classic and it's like metin2.us at the end of 2008.


The server presentation it's not in the final state and doesn't represent the final version of the game, presentation realised by exo.
Last update: 1.12.2020

Edited by Dogariu Ionuț Gabriel
Presentation updated #2 (see edit history)
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Posted (edited)

A magical power has arrived between the three kingdoms, we are now opening the power of a much more stable market between the villagers.
Take a part of this amazing update and sell your items even if you're offline, you can still open a normal shop using spacer.pngPackage.

Press ''Y'' or ''Z' to open the window of the new offline shop, it depends of your keyboard type.


  • My Shop ~ Allows you to open a max 8 days offline shop.
  • List of Shops ~ Let you see a list of opened offline shops.
  • Safebox ~ The place where you money from sales goes, or a place where unsold / withdrawn items from offline shop go to.
  • My Offers ~ See offers you did.
  • Search ~ Advanced offline shop search.
  • History ~ A full list of your offline shop usage history.
  • My Patterns ~ Save & use again and over again your saved list of Search filters.
  • My Auction ~ Create your own auction for items, so other players can offer more and more gold for your goods.
  • Auction List ~ See a full list of auctions.



Once you open a shop, it automatically creates in each kingdom & channel.



Other changes:

  • Waiting time between switchers removed while using spacer.pngEnchant Change Scroll.

Please feel free to contact us for any problem.

Edited by Dogariu Ionuț Gabriel (see edit history)
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