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Empire_text_convert not working



kraizy.tgz 40k source

So if the user does not have language ring (or wind shoe because that is a language ring too lol) and does not have M1 skills of the language,

he should see a converted language to not understand the other empire's player.


For me, it is only an empty line.

I'm using locale_hungary (europe) so g_iUseLocale is TRUE.

				if (g_iUseLocale)
					static char s_cChinaTable[][3] = {"ˇň","ŁŁ","Ł¤","ˇů","ˇđ" };
					int n = number(0, 4);
					pbText[0] = s_cChinaTable[n][0];
					pbText[1] = s_cChinaTable[n][1];

Whole empire_text_convert.cpp: https://pastebin.com/H6iUGmnp (I think totally untouched from kraizy.tgz)


So basicly i should see these characters: {"ˇň","ŁŁ","Ł¤","ˇů","ˇđ" }

But i see this: Screenshot-1.png


I usually keep old stuffs so i have an 2089M and 34K serverfile+client too.

At 2089M converting works, at 34k it does not work like my 40k source. (empty line)


Anyone have an idea?

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Yes. (With empire_whisper: 1 in CONFIG files, 1 is the enabling the convert in whisper, 0 is the understanding the language without anything)


I did test it on some random server (where we need language ring or skill to understand), it did not work anywhere, it gave empty line in every server. 

It should be a common problem with new files.


I suppose it don't work even in Gayforge's servers but i don't want to download Steam just for it :D

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