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2 hours ago, Eisteex3 said:

Hello ,


Can someone help me ?

It always comes when i want to unpack something


This is my eternexus https://gyazo.com/cefbb000c264f4e36e0944423e61387f



SYSERR: Jun 03 18:57:31 :: src\EterIndex.cpp: The decryption failed, the decrypted mark doesn't match with the default post-decryption's mark (0x4B9F94A9 != 0x5A4F434D)!

Your eternexus keys do not match the client one. Change your XTEA/LZO keys from the binary part "Eterpack\Eterpack.cpp" under the function 

static DWORD /*LZO*/ s_adwEterPackSecurityKey[] = {
static DWORD /*XTEA*/ s_adwEterPackKey[] = {

Or you could just copy the ones from your binary and use Marty's Tool, change the ones that the packmakerlite comes with, with the ones found in your binary. 


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