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Hello guys,


I have a proplem with CHAT PM and ENABLE CHAT SPAM  , it s kicking me off the server if I type in PM, I want to disable it ... I tried to put  //  in service.h , but it s still not solved



//#define ENABLE_CHAT_PM // usage in chat: @charactername message
//#define ENABLE_CHAT_SPAM_PROTECTION // settings in length.h


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6 minutes ago, Klaus said:

syserr/syslog ?


SYSERR: Apr 27 15:08:37.635752 :: hupsig: SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGTERM signal has been received. shutting down.
SYSERR: Apr 27 15:08:42.93572 :: pid_deinit: 
End of pid

SYSERR: Apr 27 15:08:49.562018 :: pid_init: 
Start of pid: 1107




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Check if you created the "game.core" file inside the channel, if so, just do the following to see where the problem is:



set gnutarget i386-marcel-freebsd
file /home/svfiles/share/bin/game
core /home/svfiles/channel1/game1/game.core
bt full

file -- your game location

core -- game.core location, created inside the channel (core)


It only works if the game is in its normal size, if it has been "strip -s game", it will not work.

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    • Already did that and have everything set up, my problem is more getting my friend to be able to connect than setting things up currently, although I do struggle there - learning phase do be like that I'd love any pointers as to how I need to set it up, trying to learn how it works is a bit overwhelming and I don't seem to get it to work
    • Hello, all together!   My name is „creed“, I’m 26 years old, I’m Albanian, living in Germany. I’m playing Metin2 since 9 years+ since the first Server on .de   I've started my own project one month ago. I love to work on it but yeah it’s kinda hard to find a good and trustful developer.    so yea, that’s me, if you have any questions, just ask. If you are a developer and want some work :) text me, for sure not for free.    Kind regards, Creed
    • I highly recommend to do the easiest step: Use VMware and choose to replicate your current LAN device. This way you can just use the same configuration than on your current pc except for the ip address of course. It makes things so much easier to setup. Otherwise you'd check on how networking actually works. It's no use to simply replicate a tutorial, you'd understand what you're doing there and what each of these options actually do.
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