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Function Party.check_level

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Well guys, i do this bcs i need to put a minimum lv in a party and i dont know how i do so, for that i do this :)

function party:check_lv(value)
    local player_count,status = d.getf("player_count")
    for i = 1,player_count,1 do
        if(d.getf(string.format("player%d",tonumber(i))) != 0) then
            local vid = pc.select_vid(d.getf(string.format("player%d",tonumber(i))))
            if(party.is_party()) then
                if (pc.get_level() < value) then
                status = false
                status = true
            status = false
    return status,names

With that you check the lv of all characters in the group and you have the option to show the names of the ppl who dont have the minimum lv for enter :)


King Regards Deadman

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