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  1. Heur

    Forever Metin2

    Is there are news for when the next update is and if there is an update to come at all?
  2. pretty damn good dungeon though, but I gotta ask which game are these mobs from? They seem familiar but I can't remember the name of the game
  3. Hello everyone, For a while I've been wondering about the passive and attack guild skills which we usually have in our Skill Tab in the Guild Window but I have never seen anything about it from ymir or from anyone else. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, here's a ss: If anyone knows anything about those two types of skills, or if there is anything from ymir to begin those skills, I would appreciate such information Best of regards, Heur.
  4. Which game did you get these from though? Or are they self-made?
  5. Thank you so much for your help! <3 Best Regards, Heur.
  6. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the texture I'm looking for in those packs :\ I can't download the file, is it possible for you to make a .rar & upload it somewhere please? Best regards, Heur.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to import a new pet for metin2 but I'm having trouble with animation motion accumulation. Everything is good, all animations work but in-game the pet doesn't move. I think it's something with 3ds max's export settings but I can't seem to find where to change it. If anyone has any idea of what to do to make it move, I'd appreciate it a lot! Best Regards, Heur.
  8. Hi, for a while now I've been trying to find the following texture: If anyone can give me a hand I would appreciate it a lot! Best Regards, Heur.
  9. I've been having problems with my opacity maps. I can see them in 3Ds but not in-game. I've tried having separate files for opacity & diffuse but still didn't work. If some of the experts on this would give me a hand I'd appreciate it! Best regards, Heur.
  10. Thank you so much, I was looking for a 3ds max that wouldn't screw up with the bones (my 2013 & 7 version just don't allow me to load them for some reason)
  11. It's a cool system and all but what if the player is from another kingdom and starts attacking you? you're not going to be able to attack back and will be killed by "nothing" xD
  12. Heur can you add me on skype [email protected]

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