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  1. i just wanted the idea. And the fact that was free.
  2. Hello community, can anyone help me why i cant click at this pet? https://i.gyazo.com/02f5bb015e974dd14d4a9b05a42ae1d1.mp4 Thanks a lot!
  3. Im looking specific for this quest by BlackYuko What its so funny ? @Denis
  4. Hello guys, does anyone has this quest unbugged? Pet System Advanced? I installed it, but when i use 53001, it calls a horse, instead of pet. Thanks.
  5. Hello, i have this problem, shop shows only 2 stones, insteaf of 3 at item. The 3rd slot is empty but it should show it. Can anyone help me?
  6. Hello im searching c++ and python programmer... can anyone send me message? Im paying for some isssues i have.
  7. Hello guys, i've installed a system that i found that works like this: You open the shop, you select what item you want, and then you have a button which says "for trade". like this: So now, if i put 0 price, and click at this button, the shop has the item. Like this: I have 2 problems: 1) When its 0 price, and you click OK, no shop comes up. 2) When i put a price > 0, then the shop has the item, but above the item name it says "This item is for sale", which is wrong . It should have this text only if the price was 0. Also, no shop comes up. Can anyone help me? is there at source any part that doesnt allow at the shop an item to have 0 price? I share with you my uitooltip and uiprivateshopbuilder and uishop.py. uitooltip (line 1354):https://pastebin.com/BvT1sbwy uishop :https://pastebin.com/nhF2REWt uiprivateshopbuilder: https://pastebin.com/RKGvuaUn Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello community, i have this problem: 0415 23:53:10421 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0415 23:53:10421 :: File "ui.py", line 1400, in CallEvent 0415 23:53:10421 :: File "ui.py", line 88, in __call__ 0415 23:53:10422 :: File "ui.py", line 70, in __call__ 0415 23:53:10422 :: File "uiPrivateShopBuilder.py", line 321, in AcceptInputPrice 0415 23:53:10422 :: File "uiPrivateShopBuilder.py", line 210, in Refresh 0415 23:53:10422 :: TypeError 0415 23:53:10422 :: : 0415 23:53:10422 :: an integer is required 0415 23:53:10422 :: these are my parts: 1) def AcceptInputPrice(self): if not self.priceInputBoard: return True text = self.priceInputBoard.GetText() if not text: return True if not text.isdigit(): return True if int(text) <= 0: return True attachedInvenType = self.priceInputBoard.sourceWindowType sourceSlotPos = self.priceInputBoard.sourceSlotPos targetSlotPos = self.priceInputBoard.targetSlotPos for privatePos, (itemWindowType, itemSlotIndex) in self.itemStock.items(): if itemWindowType == attachedInvenType and itemSlotIndex == sourceSlotPos: shop.DelPrivateShopItemStock(itemWindowType, itemSlotIndex) del self.itemStock[privatePos] price = int(self.priceInputBoard.GetText()) if IsPrivateShopItemPriceList(): SetPrivateShopItemPrice(self.priceInputBoard.itemVNum, price) shop.AddPrivateShopItemStock(attachedInvenType, sourceSlotPos, targetSlotPos, price) self.itemStock[targetSlotPos] = (attachedInvenType, sourceSlotPos) snd.PlaySound("sound/ui/drop.wav") self.Refresh() ##### self.priceInputBoard = None return True 2) def Refresh(self): getitemVNum=player.GetItemIndex getItemCount=player.GetItemCount setitemVNum=self.itemSlot.SetItemSlot delItem=self.itemSlot.ClearSlot for i in xrange(shop.SHOP_SLOT_COUNT): if not self.itemStock.has_key(i): delItem(i) continue pos = self.itemStock[i] itemCount = getItemCount(pos) if itemCount <= 1: itemCount = 0 setitemVNum(i, getitemVNum(pos), itemCount) if app.ENABLE_CHANGELOOK_SYSTEM: itemTransmutedVnum = player.GetItemTransmutation(pos) if itemTransmutedVnum: self.itemSlot.DisableCoverButton(i) else: self.itemSlot.EnableCoverButton(i) self.itemSlot.RefreshSlot() Thanks in advance...
  9. I really dont have it... maybe you could share it? (btw im compiling without problems and use martysama source)
  10. I dont have the file EterBase.cpp. Any idea? Also, it could be usefull to create this cap (i mean a guide) so we can use it. Maybe on python..
  11. Hello, im searching an unbugged portable bank quest. Does anyone has one? i want to know also the max gold that can accept. Thanks in advance
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