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  1. Problem: Offline Shop Reason: GetOfflineShopItemID (shop.GetOfflineShopItemID) Fix: I'm on'it.
  2. Di you have the npc: 20406 ? As I told: replace the "20406"
  3. your client is "new" and his "OnInsertItemIcon" have 7 arguments but your uiquest.py is old .. the new one has 7 arguments. NEW: def OnInsertItemIcon(self, type, idx, title, desc, index=0, total=1): OLD: def OnInsertItemIcon(self, type, idx, title, desc): Get a new uiquest.py
  4. Let's say you have a NPC in your city1 (a smaller npc or a tall one) and the kingdom flag is not fits.. so you must want to hide'it. Open from client source: InstanceBaseEffect.cpp Search for: void CInstanceBase::__AttachEmpireEffect(DWORD eEmpire) Add under "if (IsResource()) return;" DWORD vnum_my_npc = 20406; if (GetRace() == vnum_my_npc) return; Just replace the "20406" for your npc vnum and compile. Enjoy
  5. This warning only show up with mysql version 5.6 & 5.7. If you have a lower version please ignore this post. Warning on shell & mysql log: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure. I know a lot of people use the mysql_query (standard) function from questlib.lua and they get this warning. If you use a mysql user change the above "YOURUSERNAME" and use the command: mysql_config_editor set --login-path=local --host=localhost --user=YOURUSERNAME --password If you use the root mysql user, use the command: mysql_config_editor set --login-path=local
  6. Is much easy and quickly by QUEST .. even you can put a quest flag for time .. you can sell him every hour .. etc my metin2 robot to events every day, check core states and say the wheater .. if is raining in your town hehe when VNUM_MOB.chat."I NEED BONUS" begin if pc.count_item(VNUM_BONUS_ITEM) >=400 then syschat("fuck ya boy") return end local sell_bonos = select ("Need 50 bonus","Need 100 bonus"," Cerrar ") bla bla if sell_bonus == 1 then bla bla CAPTCHA xD
  7. Open game.py from root, do you have this line? "lover_login" : self.__LoginLover,
  8. I have the same "metin2source" and there are no errors on compilation .. only warnings. When you have compile problems do this: cd /usr/src/metin2source/game/src gmake clean gmake dep gmake With "gmake" you will compile one by one and when you have a problem he will stops right there.. with "gmake -j20" is quickly and maybe you can't see where is the problem. Open char_skill.cpp and paste here some the line 3620
  9. photo of your inventory please.
  10. Descubre los nuevos sistemas de Terra Mistica. Si quieres jugar en un servidor especial, entra en www.terramistica.es
  11. SixSense


    We can't create topics in spanish here in this forum?
  12. SixSense


    PACI: In english, the download link or the picture link?
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