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  1. hello the emoji showen in above player but not show in chat or whispher any boady have any idea
  2. so can you show me grpTextInstance.cpp file ?
  3. so can you show me grpTextInstance.cpp
  4. so for arab rtl we cannot add this system ?
  5. the problem in LOCALE you put info with LC_TEXT you can use chat without use LC_TEXT function if you need use you should add SAME SENTANCE in local_*.txt this before quest folder in game files
  6. hello every one i'm trid compiling with use cryptopp- 8.2.0 but i have porblem in this also this is my pkg info and this is my game makefile this is cipher.cpp also this is ciphre.h any body help plz
  7. not complete the files for only warrior and other char not exist and weapon for all char not exist
  8. hello every one i want shorten the time the topic in bottom explaining quest compiler extensions and how to make his quest is c++ and lua in same time i need this extensions please i don't need it python script or else i need it in source as such in this is topic : i'm sorry for bad English and thank's for help
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