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  1. Hello dear devs, I've downloaded those sources : And when I try to compile using "gmake" command I'm getting those errors: gmake[1]: *** [Makefile:153: dep] Error 127 and gmake: *** [Makefile:54: game] Error 2 Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/qu6ogn Here is the whole code: https://hastebin.com/higulorupu.rb From what I read online about gmake error 127, it happens when you try to compile sources with different architecture from your system (e.g. 32 bit vs 64bit). But I'm not sure if that's the problem, maybe you can help me figure this out When I try to compile using "gmake -j2" it stops in a different position, http://prntscr.com/qu6s5e whole code: https://hastebin.com/ekehicoxur.rb When I use "gmake all -j2" shows similar to the first errors, but not exactly the same text: http://prntscr.com/qu6tsd whole code: https://hastebin.com/adetasemel.rb I'm using a VM with FreeBSD 11.2 32bit Thanks in advance,
  2. I'm not sure if I understood you 100%, But here is a really helpfull tutorial about adding new items (armors, costumes, haircuts ). It's in French but with google page translate you will have no problem reading it. Link: here Google translated page: here
  3. It might help people be more active in the forum, so yes! And we could have "empire events/games" to add a little competition maybe.
  4. Hello, What do you mean it doesn't start, does it show any error maybe? P.S. The syserr.txt says its Unavailable
  5. I couldn't let HappyHippo turn to a sad Hippo! The updated links are here: - WinSCP, for transfer of files from your computer to a remote server. http://winscp.net/eng/download.php - PuTTy for SSH access to your server. http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html - Navicat Premium for database management. https://mega.nz/#!xAZiwADS!b7OLxm6XuVoCBKhoVJ3BwHX7r7nvdRCLv_HiugI0WO0 Password: metin2.dev (from @Karbust's post below: ) - Notepad++ for code edits. http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/ - HxD for byte-patching binaries manually. http://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php?product=HxD - FileArchiver r3869 by Tim for unpacking and packing client archives using panama encryption. - EterNexus File Archiver for unpacking and packing client archives. https://dl.funky-emu.net/emulation/metin2/tools_eternexus_1_1. - BlackYuko's DIF Patcher for byte-patching binaries. - dump_proto.exe for converting 2013 database proto txt files to client-side proto files. https://dl.funky-emu.net/emulation/metin2/tools_dump_proto_wolfman_1_1.0.rar - Paint.NET for image editing. http://www.getpaint.net/download.html#download - Photoshop DDS plugin http://fnordware.blogspot.com/2014/09/dds-plug-in-for-after-effects-and.html (for me it works even with Photoshop 2020) - VirtualBox https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads Some links were okay, but I just gathered them all together. If someone could update the 1st post it would be nice for future readers.
  6. I think that we haven't any tool to unpack the last client yet. Does anyone knows how to?
  7. Wish you guys a good start, thank you for being here! Maybe I can suggest the following things: A post about new system files, (like shoulder sash, new pet system, new fish system etc. ) with links from your new Metin2Dev storage server. A tutorial on how to implement the new systems. As a beginner that's what I had trouble to find
  8. Thank you admin! Really helpfull for us the newcomers
  9. The mainline files are 40k? So can I add pet system,alchemy etc? If not what would you recommend me to start my first server on?
  10. Thank you for your reply dear @xLoGaN, Currently a guy helped me and set up a server with 28k files from Signe + client from Signe. But I think that it's from a very old version metin2 where there are so many systems missing. Also the files are a lot customized. A lot of custom items and changed NPCs and first maps decoration. When I asked him he said that from 28k files it might be impossible to add belt system,pets and alchemy (those haven't source files). But with 34k files or even better 40k I could do it. Is this correct? I need 34k or 40k files? 1. Maybe is it possible to be more specific my dear friend? I'm confused about all the version (28k, 34k, 40k) and there are files from various persons, I don't know what to download and from where to download. I heard that mainline source files are good and clean but I couldn't find any link working. Also some guy recommended me mainline source with Novaline client, do you think that I will be okay with this combination? Are those indeed clean files and good for a beginner like me to start learning? 2. The problem is I can't find tutorials for example, how to add pet system. Maybe for more specific questions could I PM you? A3) a) As I said in my first post: So I'm asking how to translate the game, because I've met this problem. b) About the client, Is it considered compiling if I make some changes in " pack/root/" and use Eternexus to "compress" it again? If yes then alright. But what about the serverfiles? We use CMake for compiling? Or VisualStudio? When we use one and when the other? Thank you for your time! P.S. Please excuse me for my questions, they might seem "stupid" for someone more experienced but I'm trying my best to learn. First I see tutorials and then I ask. I didn't just came here to get ready answers. I just made a post about the "dead end" I've been. Thank you for your patience.
  11. Hello dear metin2 devs, I'm just starting to learn about metin2 servers. I will number my questions for better communication. 1.Are there any server files and client with Alchemy, belts and pets like the official servers? 2. If I use some files where there aren't alchemy, belts etc. Included, are we able to add them later? I guess it needs compile (*) again etc. Is it recommended to do it this way or we just start by using files where it's already included? 3. Does it matter if server files and client are in English or can we easily change it later? I noticed that eternexus couldn't extract the locale_en from the official game. Do we use a different way? The tutorial I saw was a bit old. My knowledge currently are: I know pretty good C but no C++ which metin2 uses as I saw. Know the basics of MySQL (create tables, insert, foreign keys etc). So I have some programming knowledge. I can create Virtual Machines with FreeBSD, set up the sshd and download mysql service. Can connect with WinSCP and use putty for easy of usage instead of using the FreeBSD terminal and I can use Navicat for the databases part. BUT just the basic things from tutorials to start a server. I have no problem to learn new things, but I will need some guidance for the first time I guess. Thank you for reading my questions and thank you in advance! Any answer will be really helpful! (*) I haven't really understand the compile method we use. I have see something with Cmake which I didnt get it at all and something using VisualStudio. Is there any link to a guide about this please?
  12. @DrTurk any alternative for me? I'm able to have a FreeBSD server. But can't find english client to work on.
  13. Mine server has .txt files for item_names and mob_names when I view them with WinSCP. What files should I edit to change the displayed text-ingame? Should I edit the files from WinSCP, with Navicat or both? I'm confused.
  14. Hello, Did you find any since your post? I need help too
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