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  1. I'm had next weird problem with ninja, when I mount horse and using bow attack speed is lower than without horse, did you know something about this bug?
  2. Function GetAffectDataIndex always return -1, there is a little problem with this code i think.
  3. Everything works well but in my code I'm just replace pkLOD->Deform(&m_matAbsoluteTrans); with this pkLOD->Deform(&m_TransformMatrix); I have only scale from sash and works with pets too. Someone have a solution for this bug?
  4. Hi, when I summon pet from new system and this pet has skill who increased bow range.I saw problem on warrior skill dash, the range to enemy is bigger when I got a pet with this skill.Maybe someone could help.
  5. Hi everyone I'm search this 2 new functions: IsRaceFlagByVnum and nonplayerGetAttElementFlagByVID
  6. Hi, I'm search this function and c++ part: def Over(self): wndMgr.Over(self.hWnd)
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