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  1. register keyword is deprecated since c++11, but you compile c file as cpp file, that's wrong, please use lzo instead of minilzo or compile it with c compiler.
  2. if(!item) continue; https://prnt.sc/rr7gpr
  3. https://github.com/martysama0134/how-to-general/blob/master/freebsd-tips/how-to-fix-the-new-pkg-in-fbsd-9.md
  4. :))) UIScript/PopupDialog.py not uiscript/popupdialog.py Rename the folder and file correctly.
  5. Check auth login case in db.cpp.
  6. Him is called Frankie?
  7. https://premake.github.io/
  8. https://prnt.sc/qsrk8d vs 2013 doesn't support c++14 or greater
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