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  1. that makes him think that this image is made in c + it's absurd to create something like that in c ++ if you're going to need to create code in python.
  2. I am not promoted is not something for sale ?
  3. Nice contribution although I did something different.
  4. if you use mounts by value it is better that way. elif itemType == item.ITEM_TYPE_COSTUME and itemSubType == item.COSTUME_TYPE_MOUNT: MountVnum = item.GetValue(3) if MountVnum != 0: self._ModelPreview(MountVnum ) if not, use the style of the code that showed if you want something better in tec post the complete code.
  5. I will install the code and do the test.
  6. DWORD vnum = pItem->GetIndex(); if (pItem->GetSubType() == CItemData::ARMOR_PENDANT) { if (vnum == ITEMVNUM) { m_armorRefineEffect = EFFECT_REFINED+EFFECTXD; break; } } maybe this way it can work but you must specify more details in the binary.
  7. good has worked for me, since I do not get This function v3Pos.z += float(m_GraphicThingInstance.GetHeight());
  8. You can find many guides in German, or Spanish forums
  9. If you are a programmer, I recommend reading some basic principles guides. The rest must realize how it works since it is not very different from the usual.
  10. that is not an error of the code of vegas but of your source code.
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