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  1. i change the monster with another one norm but is still like that... Wtf
  2. I know it's sound stupid, but how can I fix that giant dog? xD https://imgur.com/vjJsqCU
  3. Hello, I`m trying to fix something but I still can't find the problem. https://imgur.com/IJF06eN After I press ok, the quest window is closing but the text is still on the screen...no errors in syserr.. anyone know about that?
  4. @ReFresh Still not working... i think, the problem is from inventory..
  5. i`m using txt and there is okay, i try with sql and flag 4. no chance... The fact is..is not working for nothing. every item can't be stacked.
  6. I can't stack any item... if i write /i 70038 20 and in quest as well.. i get just one. potions, etc..everything is the same. What can be the problem? where i need to look after this problem? can someone help me? cheers... video
  7. Hi, can someone help me to unpack official proto's ? cheers. item_proto mob_proto
  8. some guys have some quest with ``reborn`` ( set again lv 1) . after that they can stay in the map and can do levelup faster. it is good to be there, maybe someone need this. by the way, Very nice work!
  9. better, when login or levelup begin
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