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  1. i change the monster with another one norm but is still like that... Wtf
  2. I know it's sound stupid, but how can I fix that giant dog? xD https://imgur.com/vjJsqCU
  3. Hello, I`m trying to fix something but I still can't find the problem. https://imgur.com/IJF06eN After I press ok, the quest window is closing but the text is still on the screen...no errors in syserr.. anyone know about that?
  4. @ReFresh Still not working... i think, the problem is from inventory..
  5. i`m using txt and there is okay, i try with sql and flag 4. no chance... The fact is..is not working for nothing. every item can't be stacked.
  6. I can't stack any item... if i write /i 70038 20 and in quest as well.. i get just one. potions, etc..everything is the same. What can be the problem? where i need to look after this problem? can someone help me? cheers... video
  7. Hi, can someone help me to unpack official proto's ? cheers. item_proto mob_proto
  8. some guys have some quest with ``reborn`` ( set again lv 1) . after that they can stay in the map and can do levelup faster. it is good to be there, maybe someone need this. by the way, Very nice work!
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