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  1. Is there anyway to convert official skill_proto.txt to sql for server ? Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, I have bug when i try to pickup items or yang. Anyone knows this? It sometimes picking up but sometimes not picking up. No syserr (server), no syserr (client), no client log(debug mode). I didn't add any new system. It's stock martysama v4.9.65 with acce update (by martysama). Thank you everyone. Sorry for my bad english.
  3. Hi everyone, 1. Question: How can i unpack item_proto stride 163. Anyone have tool for it ? I have 18.4 item_proto and i want to unpack it. Download Link: https://dosya.co/vxzcwsj4m62c/item_proto.html 2. Question At my source sometings looks like wrong. When i try to pick items from the ground pick up distance seems to short. I want to increase the pick up distance. How can i do it.? I'm sorry for my bad english. Thank you for everyting.
  4. Hi, #download removed by a moderator I'm using this tool for converting item_proto & mob_proto to sql. When i try to convert patch 18.4 item_proto it giving me error. LoadItemProto: invalid item_proto structSize[163] != sizeof(SItemTable) How can i add new proto_struct to this source ? Edit: mob_proto.sql have 1844 line but all values 0. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Why does he break when I copy it from here? Anyone have downloadable version ? I'm sorry for my bad english.
  6. I just tried for questlua_item.cpp and it gave to me this errors. questlua_item.cpp: In function 'int quest::item_get_flag(lua_State*)': questlua_item.cpp:769:3: error: 'lua_pushnumb' was not declared in this scope lua_pushnumb?er(L, item ? item->GetFlag() : 0); ^ questlua_item.cpp:769:48: error: 'er' was not declared in this scope lua_pushnumb?er(L, item ? item->GetFlag() : 0); ^ questlua_item.cpp:769:49: error: expected ':' before ';' token lua_pushnumb?er(L, item ? item->GetFlag() : 0);
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