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  1. Yes you are right. It didn't worked at Demon Tower because of at Demon Tower mobs doesn't have "REVIVE" flag. Weird thing is it work sometimes (3 sec) sometimes not work (10 sec). Anyway I set them all to 0 sec. :D It's not something worth discuss on. Thanks to everyone who helped and Vegas for this topic.
  2. I tried, but the first line doesn't affect the monsters in the Demon Tower. They disappear in 10 seconds. (not edited version)
  3. What happens if I do 0 and what does the other line below mean ? Thank you. if (IsRevive() == false && HasReviverInParty() == true) { m_pkDeadEvent = event_create(dead_event, pEventInfo, bImmediateDead ? 1 : PASSES_PER_SEC(3)); } else { m_pkDeadEvent = event_create(dead_event, pEventInfo, bImmediateDead ? 1 : PASSES_PER_SEC(0)); }
  4. Official server have HIT_PCT at szPointOn2 (skill_proto.sql) I don't know what it does but you don't have it.
  5. Is there anyway to convert official skill_proto.txt to sql for server ? Thank you.
  6. Full Official Client Unpack. Please.
  7. Hi everyone, I have bug when i try to pickup items or yang. Anyone knows this? It sometimes picking up but sometimes not picking up. No syserr (server), no syserr (client), no client log(debug mode). I didn't add any new system. It's stock martysama v4.9.65 with acce update (by martysama). Thank you everyone. Sorry for my bad english.
  8. Hi everyone, 1. Question: How can i unpack item_proto stride 163. Anyone have tool for it ? I have 18.4 item_proto and i want to unpack it. Download Link: https://dosya.co/vxzcwsj4m62c/item_proto.html 2. Question At my source sometings looks like wrong. When i try to pick items from the ground pick up distance seems to short. I want to increase the pick up distance. How can i do it.? I'm sorry for my bad english. Thank you for everyting.
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