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  1. 15 year old game bla blaa. This is not an excuse. Just go another forums and see " 15 year old game" How does the forum develop if we do not criticize? When i login this forum, i only see a dead forum. Forum can create a share team. They can take good topics from other forums and share them here as everyone does. With this way we can keep the forum alive
  2. You should look for new users too
  3. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Level-Info It gives info messages when character level up. From 2018 locale/xx/settings.lua: -- level, msg, type (you can add multiple msg) add_level_info(2, "MSGGGG1", 8); --8 big notice add_level_info(2, "MSGGGG122", 2); --2 notice add_level_info(3, "MSGGGG122333", 1); --1 info
  4. because memcmp usage is wrong, must be 0 if equals
  5. your proto is wrong. Source is checking fifth alValues of stones Example: 28030-28130-28230-28330-28430 -> fifth alValues is: 17 https://puu.sh/FpcNi/3687cd4ee4.png So 28530 and 28630 must be the same alValues (17)
  6. That is why I said there isn't a real memory leak there
  7. He is talking about this topic Actually there isn't a real memory leak there. Because CreateItem function is creating new CItem() and saving object to the m_VIDMap. And look what is going on there
  8. Find in uiinventory.py - def __CanUseSrcItemToDstItem(self, srcItemVNum, srcSlotPos, dstSlotPos): elif item.IsMetin(srcItemVNum): if player.ATTACH_METIN_OK == player.CanAttachMetin(srcItemVNum, dstSlotPos): return True Change: elif item.IsMetin(srcItemVNum): if player.ATTACH_METIN_OK == player.CanAttachMetin(srcItemVNum, dstSlotPos) or (item.IsMetin(player.GetItemIndex(dstSlotPos)) and player.GetItemIndex(dstSlotPos) == srcItemVNum): return True
  9. 1.Make item stackable from proto 2.uiinventory.py: Find in def __DropSrcItemToDestItemInInventory(self, srcItemVID, srcItemSlotPos, dstItemSlotPos): elif item.IsMetin(srcItemVID): self.AttachMetinToItem(srcItemSlotPos, dstItemSlotPos) Change: elif item.IsMetin(srcItemVID) and not item.IsMetin(player.GetItemIndex(dstItemSlotPos)): self.AttachMetinToItem(srcItemSlotPos, dstItemSlotPos) 3.char_item.cpp Find in case ITEM_METIN: ITEM_MANAGER::instance().RemoveItem(item, "REMOVE (METIN)"); Change: item->SetCount(item->GetCount() - 1);
  10. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Renewal-Dead-Packet use this and change onupdate like this:
  11. For source static const std::map<long, std::pair<int, int>> _maplevel // map, min, max { {41, {1,50}}, {67, {75,125}}, }; const auto it = _maplevel.find(ch->GetMapIndex()); if (it != _maplevel.end() && ch->GetLevel() >= it->second.first && ch->GetLevel() <= it->second.second) ch->GoHome(); input_login.cpp/Entergame end of func
  12. polymorph isn't changing race ------------------------ here is an example for real change race: int pc_change_race(lua_State* L) { const LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr(); if (!lua_isnumber(L, 1) || !ch) return 0; const BYTE race = static_cast<BYTE>(lua_tonumber(L, 1)); if (race < 0 || race >= MAIN_RACE_MAX_NUM) return 0; ch->SetRace(race); ch->SetSkillGroup(0); ch->ClearSkill(); ch->ClearSubSkill(); if (ch->GetDesc()) ch->GetDesc()->SetPhase(PHASE_SELECT); return 0; }
  13. I hope you are disconnected when the change race Here is a check when items loading Find input_db.cpp - void CInputDB::ItemLoad(LPDESC d, const char * c_pData): if (item->CheckItemUseLevel(ch->GetLevel()) == true ) Change: if (item->CheckItemUseLevel(ch->GetLevel()) && item->CanUsedBy(ch)) If you don't disconnect for change race, put your race change func in here
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