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  1. I think you can able to uncomment this line Am I Wrong?
  2. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Kill-Sound-Effect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vitrFKGqyT0 I know this is very old idea but it's better than quest flag methods etc.
  3. my 11 year old monitor fucked up😬

  4. You little boy, Discord Metin2 imp. is my work. So where is my name? I can't see. Edit image and map name, create new topic. wtf? If I update my topic, what will be the significance of this topic?
  5. Why do you create a new topic? You can post to the main topic. I don't like these things.
  6. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-BL_HIDE_EFFECT
  7. Mali61

    Quest Deleter

    https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Quest-Deleter Some old quests don't have (lua/quest) files. They have only object files. If you use make.sh, they will disappear. Other reason, I don't like use make.sh every time for one quest. Maybe someone wants to use it. Put qdel to game/share/locale/xx Set permissions to 777 ./qdel questname
  8. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Shop-Average-Price
  9. Just 1 year

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