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  1. pls dude, pls will you create a video how to adding map on server ? with all steps you create ? (create map on WE (or created map) adding to atlasinfo, create server_attr, etc.) ? you help me much more, i mean im idiot on this , but what you say "00" to coord, BLOCK zone to 0,0 coord, i made all, BasePosition on server and clientside are same, but fucking camera bug is still
  2. this is my atlasinfo startovni_mapa 444400 444400 2 3 aronix_smallpurpletown 735500 1125000 3 3 aronix_smallgreentown 525500 725500 2 3 at coordinates 0,0 of maps i have BLOCK Zone, and "00" too
  3. Ehm, i must create server_attr on WE, with basic coord x 0 anyd y 0 ? 1. i see on syserr of WE, but in syserr is nothing about coord 2. Try - I generate new server_attr wirh basic coord 0,0, but no changes (bug stays) 3. Try - I again generate shadows using F6, klick on reset attr_map, and Save server_attr (bug stays) Can help me generate server_attr with other program ? Nope, i test it Thx for help, what now ?
  4. Firstone, sorry 4 my bad english, i need help, what is captured on video https://aronix.eu/video/bug.mp4 Thx
  5. Hello everyone, i need help with map problem, when i teleport on any map with NPCs or Monsters i see this but when i move, NPCs or monsters they are invisible, how i fix this ? Coordinate Z ? where is coordinate Z ? sorry 4 my English, thanks
  6. Nobody really ? FORUM of nobody ?
  7. First i',m sorry 4 my bad english When i warp on my new map i see this after move, all be normal, but i'm not see NPC's near me. This problem is when i have on Town.txt of map more than 1 coordinates just like 180 130 150 250 180 130 150 250 when i have on Town.txt only 1 coordinates (just like 180 130) and nothing else, all be normal, now can anyone help me ? pls
  8. Hi, I have problem with World Editor, i have a World Editor from Remix V24, when i create map (use F6 for generate shadowmaps) and i create server_attr of map (at server_attr i use Map Converter by BlackYuko) because WorldEditor server_attr not function (the Editor was ,,don't responding" and crash), after i go to the map in klient (with character) no problem, (size on map is 1020x1090) when i go into map at coordinates + - 990x1020 map kick me from server and in the syserr of channel is this error SYSERR: Jul 10 17:43:26 :: GetServerLocation: location error name [SA]Sendalone mapindex
  9. I i have big problem, i create map in the world editor, this map i have in client and server, but if i move at map in a place, game kick me from server, why ? I need help
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