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  1. i solve my question, maybe the problem is because extended reload comands "maybe" i'm no sure but after remove works good, how i close this topic?
  2. Now i'm have one problem in my server and idk why this is happening because, i'm not see this before in probably 4 years, i'm using martysama files and my tower when i stay in 5th floor, and need drop keys, the mobs didn't respaw after kill, if i drop the key and drag in npc look ok but mobs didn't come more, someone can help my? i didn't have any syserr in core and nothing using test_server, just didn't respawn after death, and my regen is this https://pastebin.com/x0tUG69P
  3. how i make this system to show when i press some key? in oficial topic just active or deactive in uioption
  4. u want system with value3 flags or many subtypes?
  5. Version of Files : mainline 40k Hi guys, i hope someone can help me 1. Description of the problem / Question : Now i have one problem with costumes or items with limit time, when put he in safebox the time still count but don't disappear time still 0s but u can equip and use like no have limit time in item, how i solve this? well, updating this topic this happening when costume use limit type 8, if time come to 0 item didn't disappear 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) didn't have 3. How to reproduce it ? ma
  6. i test and looks fine, if something happening i will create a new topic, thanks
  7. but change this, how i know everting is ok? look, if 50 players update and 50 not, what difference will happening? for 50 players updated not laggy or someting like that?
  8. Version of Files : mainline 40k 1. Description of the problem / Question : in my server have laggy when have some guys fighting, when have +- 30 players cause lag in all map, but others maps still ok, lag like wait 5s to change weapon, but in machine cpu and memory still low use, i didn't have idea why this happening, someone have some fix? 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) don't have nothing about that 3. How to reproduce it ? just put 30 players fighting in map 4. Screenshots ? didn't have
  9. someone have python part? idk how to use this
  10. #close request the fix is rename .GR2 to .gr2
  11. Hi guys i've a problem with sash when my person die look this picture https://gyazo.com/8a6330979d58f9b950de61fd9242d7c2
  12. fixed, this is a bug in my item_proto.txt codification ( he said codified in ansi, but he stay in utf8) solution from this, create a new text proto and compare with beyond compare and don't totch in codification
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