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  1. someone have python part? idk how to use this
  2. #close request the fix is rename .GR2 to .gr2
  3. Hi guys i've a problem with sash when my person die look this picture https://gyazo.com/8a6330979d58f9b950de61fd9242d7c2
  4. fixed, this is a bug in my item_proto.txt codification ( he said codified in ansi, but he stay in utf8) solution from this, create a new text proto and compare with beyond compare and don't totch in codification
  5. I'm using txt, but I have mirror2db and my column name stay bugged in all cases, because when I open item_proto I see proto good, but if I use my mob_drop using the column name, he say don't have this item because codification is broken
  6. hi guys i have one little problem with my proto, now just see, i use martysama source and use proto from txt, but fill the proto db from txt, but in column name the names is it https://gyazo.com/5b2c9de0c06e0c96c4063d515085b2ca but in my item_proto.txt is this https://gyazo.com/632007622496ededc1ed6f4f8455dd06 and i have a error with my drops named same in item_proto, soo my proto don't load name column in right charset, someone help my? sorry for very bad english
  7. hi guis someone have this armor? i want this so much
  8. i'm tryed but i'm not a developer, mayber is better give up, but thanks for answer
  9. someone can help with this? i want build python27.dll in my binary source if can add python lib folder too it's great
  10. this sistem give game.core when i kill stones, why?
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