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Hey today i will show you my new tool.
This tool will help you find duplicate files in the client.
At the moment, this tool does not support automatic correction of duplicates, but if the community is interested, then I will try to implement this.



File uniqueness is verified through the md5 algorithm.
Thus, we can see duplicate files by their contents, and not by name.

The idea behind this tool belongs to Kori.





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Can you try the automatic correction of duplicates?? It will upgrade a lot this tool. And also a good idea is :

when you see the file, to be able to open folder when you click at the path or somehow.


- to have an option to choose if there are duplicate files with the same name. So we can choose if we want the tool to search files with the same name or with the same content. 

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need update folder scan




they not duplicate

but good idea thx if solve problem very good tool

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