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  1. North

    Cool 8bit game engine

    Hey guys, Just to let you know, there is a very cool 8 bit game engine made for python use, very easy to use and straightforward. It also has an MIT license which is super cool, here's a small demo that I made just for fun. Repo: It also can work with cx_Freeze so you can make an executable to distribute. I just created the repo so you'll see improvements in the structure & I am going to continue this game until I will create something more serious from scratch again. This is how probably I will start to develop games, and it might be your chance too
  2. Hey guys, I made a small scraper that sends Kimsufi availability data through a Telegram channel, this might come handy if you plan to get an exact model from them or you just want to wait the 3.99 deal. Public Telegram channel: Script behind the channel if you are interested in it: The script will run every hour at 00 minutes.
  3. North

    Please nooooooo

    I identify myself as a lycan
  4. In my old server I made them available everywhere so that they could be used for guild scrims everywhere and I was removing them in case of 1on1 PVP. Using them for guild wars only imho it's a waste
  5. North


    Somebody correct me if I am wrong but what you are showing is a linear function and instead you want to solve an exponential one, before writing any code I would suggest to understand the math behind it otherwise you will be stuck again in no time Here you go: I personally follow this guy, is pretty good at explaining things After watching this video try to imagine the sound intensity plotted as this exponential function where y=1 is the idle of the car you should get why you need an exponential function to represent the sound (when you press w to accellerate the sound increases in an exponential way and not in a linear way)
  6. North

    [RELASE] Multiple login saver No idea if you still need help but to answer the last part: Just download python from the official website and you can get the libs from there, most of them should be already inside the installation folder but if not, follow this: If you have syntax errors try to not use with open instead use `mainpg = open('user//preferred', 'w')` instead, remember to `mainpg.close()` if you use this method, also .format() was not a thing yet if I recall correctly, you should use other kind of string formatting ( You should bind them to the index of the list you get printed in the interface, probably usin try except since the list index might not exist (empty slots). It's not much work but I haven't got any working environment at the moment where I could write this, I stopped doing stuff for metin2 at least for now
  7. North

    [EterPack Archiver] PackMakerLite

    Must have tool, thanks for the share bud
  8. North

    open Mysql denies to connect to homepage And please, if you have to do it don't do it on root.
  9. North

    [RELASE] Multiple login saver

    Bad magic number seems to be because the pyc file mismatches with your python version. Check your python version, I took these libraries from python27 . You can download the correct python version from the official website and you will have the libs by adding them if needed with pip. The version is listed in the properties of your python dll. Re.pyc seems odd though, I did not use it my script but maybe it got upset because of the extra libs. Good idea @VegaS™, with some goodwill on my side I will eventually update the package but any help beforehand by anybody who wants to rewrite that part is welcome
  10. North

    [RELASE] Multiple login saver

    Whops, thanks for noticing, heres an updated package that should include everything needed:!5J4VRKAT!HYUwf_5tfyrpucJR0R46v3giatqsca6_hug0WZqRn5k
  11. North

    open bitbucket problem

    Probably this is caused because you have an outdated version of git, could you run git --version and uname -a and post here the results?
  12. Hello, Today I wanted to share with you something that I made quite some time ago that might turn useful to somebody. The package was made without putting too much effort into it so if you find anything that might be off please notify me and I will update it. The script does some basic encryption and saves the encryption key into your win registry so the decrypt works only on your machine, this doesn't mean that this is somehow secure, it's just the way I did it. How it works ----------------------------- DL (Mega) :!5J4VRKAT!HYUwf_5tfyrpucJR0R46v3giatqsca6_hug0WZqRn5k If you need the extra compiled libs, here you go:!1RQxjC4R!bqDsc9ivLDofI_7lF3g-B23OHxwc_Dz6XkTl2URR1NE ...I will also relase my other stuff, when I will find it...
  13. North

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    Teleport a player to the default map spawn position if you have to use this imo
  14. North

    [RELEASE] Notice color fix (from Lua)

    This is how you should approach this problem, regex groups are made for this
  15. North


    No sql user that will manage the website should have the permission to access anything in the common table tho