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  1. I will explain you how can you watch 3D models in a browser, for example, metin2 models. Moderators please fix the fucking problem with the spoilers. Thanks https://mega.nz/#!MgxV3TaR!K74kDjui1sT04CMJ4zeEaZnVSoG4MfU9ZMjsm_v7zuc
  2. Probably in one .cpp file is that string encoding problem. Search the file and replace the string with a kr one and should work.
  3. ѕeмa™

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    You must send the vnum of the mount. I dont know if you save that value in Value4 but as i see in your gif is not working. Maybe you should try to make a dictionary with the vnum of the seals and the mount vnum, i know is not the best solution, but it could work. Example: PetsAndMounts = { 53001 : 34001, 53002 : 34002, 53003 : 34003, 53005 : 34004, } if PetsAndMounts.has_key(itemVnum): renderTarget.SelectModel(2, PetsAndMounts[itemVnum]) I hope this can help you.
  4. ѕeмa™

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    its really soo hard try to fix this armor shit? Come one guys try yourself and stop ask me. I wont help anymore with this, u should be able to finish yourself.
  5. ѕeмa™

    open How can I get name of selected item?

    Oh fuck i did not read all your message
  6. ѕeмa™

    open How can I get name of selected item?

    First of all, item.SelectItem(vnum) and then item.GetItemName()
  7. ѕeмa™

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Yes u can, just add something like this:
  8. ѕeмa™

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Oh sorry i thought it was easy to understand, anyway its already explained by Mario. Thanks again to all of you
  9. ѕeмa™

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Solved. The problem was updatemodels after a return in if (!PERF_CHECKER_RENDER_GAME) { i didnt saw that .... anyway thanks all of you.
  10. ѕeмa™

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Yes it is false, and i use distribute mode
  11. ѕeмa™

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

  12. ѕeмa™

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Yes it works but the animation doesnt work for me idk why, still searching... 76a6b7e7353c0406535010f8a6401d29.mp4
  13. ѕeмa™

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Solved using this: https://support.microsoft.com/es-es/help/3185410/c1001-internal-compiler-error-occurs-when-you-build-a-visual-c-project
  14. ѕeмa™

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    I have this error: Compilator intern error in grprendertargettexture.h and i dont know why And this is the line RECT m_renderRect{};
  15. ѕeмa™

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    Well your gift look the same as aeldra, so... you could code a new one or "steal" it and sell it, who knows... And yes, other people maybe want to buy it because they dont know how to get it for free Anyway, i wont keep going with this, good luck both of you.