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  1. ahmedhaies

    [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    thank you for this but this is not completed this for warrior only and not official
  2. ahmedhaies

    New Metin2 Armor - Official GameForge

    not complete the files for only warrior and other char not exist and weapon for all char not exist
  3. ahmedhaies

    [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    ok i wait you thank you bro
  4. ahmedhaies

    [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    hello every one i need this plz
  5. hello every one i want shorten the time the topic in bottom explaining quest compiler extensions and how to make his quest is c++ and lua in same time i need this extensions please i don't need it python script or else i need it in source as such in this is topic : i'm sorry for bad English and thank's for help
  6. ahmedhaies

    [How-To] Colored quest scrolls v2 (revised)

    thank you