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  1. PACI

    Hi guys this is markus, working for Valve, I must say we indeed closed the servers mentioned for being ilegal copies of our beloved and usual Minecraft.
  2. PACI

    He is indeed a fraud as you say, and you shouldn't have trusted on him to begin with without looking for positive feedback around here. In fact, you shouldn't trust nobody without researching first.
  3. PACI


    0 <msm_name1> <folder_name0> 0 <msm_name2> <folder_name0> <mob_vnum1> <msm_name1> <mob_vnum2> <msm_name2> npclist
  4. :monkaHmm: @Raylee, mind erasing this post?
  5. PACI


    Or... do the change on CHARACTER::ChatPacket() instead :monkaHmm:
  6. PACI

    Exploits... That's clearly gameforge!
  7. PACI

    Allow me to do a quick off-topic, as I would like to respond to this part of the message above. I definitely agree with you! But from a more realistic point of view, there's a close-to-none playerbase that would actually like to cooperate on Metin2. The mindset is quite simple: why would I wait for someone to help me if I can do it alone, without sharing any possible profit I can get from playing the game? Let me reference again that I do concur with what you just said, and between playing alone or with somebody else, I would pick the latter option. However not you, nor me, nor any of us here are the ones who make the difference on our possible servers, but the ones who actually play them, and have been playing all of these years. As the private scene of Metin2 grown up, several QoL modifications have been seeing the light. Changes the community seems to like, some of them are, indeed, great and a must have. However, these have gone a bit too far, though, apparently, they defined a new standard on the scene.
  8. PACI

  9. PACI

  10. PACI

    @VegaS™ @arves100 @DevChuckNorris
  11. PACI

  12. PACI


    He didn't ask how to unpack root or reverse cython but how to run his own python module. Should you attempt to do it while the client instance is still in the logo phase.
  13. PACI

    The thing is: it was done more than once and, after several tries, you can more or less foresee how it will end like. Bear in mind that I am not against your suggestions, just to clarify. I just stated a con for both of them.
  14. PACI

    While I understand your point, I'm not sure that would improve either, as I'm afraid the shoutbox would be only a place for questions and silly requests, just like I seen it happen in other communities as well - and also on this one in the past iirc. The discord server idea is just fine if you actually want people not to be active here at all.
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