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  1. PACI

    Meme - Thread

  2. PACI

    Meme - Thread

  3. PACI

    Meme - Thread

    @VegaS™ @arves100 @DevChuckNorris
  4. PACI

    Meme - Thread

  5. PACI

    open Metin2 Python Loader [GF] ?

    He didn't ask how to unpack root or reverse cython but how to run his own python module. Should you attempt to do it while the client instance is still in the logo phase.
  6. PACI

    [Closed] Shoutbox

    The thing is: it was done more than once and, after several tries, you can more or less foresee how it will end like. Bear in mind that I am not against your suggestions, just to clarify. I just stated a con for both of them.
  7. PACI

    [Closed] Shoutbox

    While I understand your point, I'm not sure that would improve either, as I'm afraid the shoutbox would be only a place for questions and silly requests, just like I seen it happen in other communities as well - and also on this one in the past iirc. The discord server idea is just fine if you actually want people not to be active here at all.
  8. PACI

    Please nooooooo

    Personally I don't think that's a big of a deal. I join here to read a bunch of threads and participate if I feel like it, not to look at the logo. But, of course, as I said: that's me. Does it fits with the main theme of the community? No, but it's not like you can't ignore it, I guess.
  9. PACI

    Meme - Thread

  10. PACI

    Meme - Thread

    @martysama0134 @VegaS™ sorry dudes, I... I just had to! Ahah
  11. PACI

    [RLS]New Pickup Yang Logs

    grp is a built-in module. Edit: Nevermind this post, I didn't finish reading previous posts, my bad!
  12. That doesn't make any sense, this should be all about the messaging system. At least the title says it.
  13. PACI

    Shoutbox Question (@Admin)

    It was like that on a first instance, however users used the chatbox to seek for constant help and spam it over. I don't know if that was a reason even to limit it, but that's the picture I have from it. Besides, VIP users don't really have anything special with this role, only the chat (afaik) and I'm just talking about those who buy it, of course. Last point, is your paid-section area, which is an idea I have to disagree with since it goes against the sharing concept whatsoever.
  14. PACI

    open i need info of dark protection

    Keep in mind they did changes to a couple of skills with the balancing update. So this one could have been one of those as well. Therefore, there's a chance wiki's data is either out or up-to-date.