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  1. loyein

    [Image] original china image

    I saw but I have only this one, sorry.
  2. loyein

    [HowTo] Strip your own core!

    Easy and simple, thx.
  3. loyein

    [Tutorial]Questing for beginners #1

    Thx, good for starters.
  4. loyein

    [How To]Set exp-amount for reading skill-books

    Thanks for the guide.
  5. loyein

    Database bug start FIXED

    I'll test thx.
  6. loyein

    [SRC] making new CONFIG-options

    Thx useful.
  7. loyein

    [Release] Create && Select Character

    Awesome, I like it. Thx.
  8. loyein

    TuT - Armor

    Thanks for tut.